Sansar is a metaverse platform that lets you make money from virtual creations and have unique, immersive experiences. Available on a variety of devices.


In recent years, virtual reality technology has advanced rapidly, and Sansar stands out from the crowd. Sansar is a metaverse platform that provides a unique and immersive experience like no other by providing a comprehensive infrastructure for desktop and virtual reality (VR) users.

The team’s goal at Sansar is to make metaverse technology available to everyone through events, strategic partnerships, and community involvement. Users can create their own individual avatars, explore hyper-realistic virtual locations, design games or quests, and attend events that defy the constraints of the real world on the platform.

Benefits Of Sansar

The ability to profit from one’s own creations is one of Sansar’s main advantages. Fashion designers who use Marvelous Designer have a one-of-a-kind chance to sell their virtual creations to a global audience thanks to the marketplace. Sansar’s technology guarantees that your designs will fit any human form, so you don’t have to “rig” your outfits to fit a specific avatar shape.

The accessibility of Sansar is yet another advantage. To enjoy the virtual experience, you do not need a costly VR setup. Desktop computers, LG Smart TVs, and soon mobile devices and browsers will all be able to access the platform. Check out our demo on any device at to see for yourself!


The team is also working on a technology that will let people control their avatars with a webcam or a mobile phone, making VR headsets less expensive and more accessible.


Accessibility Of Sansar

Diversity and inclusion are important to Sansar, and the CEO hires people based on their potential and skills, not gender or ethnicity. The platform’s user base, which is made up of a diverse and inclusive community, reflects this.

Additionally, the platform provides a wide range of opportunities for individuals and businesses. DJs, entertainers, and influencers, for instance, are able to organize events, meet with their following, and sell tickets for those events. The platform also works well for education and other kinds of virtual meetings, making them more convenient than traditional ones that take place in person.

The Metaverse

The company was bought by new leadership in April 2022. Since then, the team has taken the technology to new heights, winning the Dubai World Metaverse Show pitch competition and securing corporate partnerships. The “MetaFest” experience is available on all LG Smart TVs thanks to their partnership with Source Digital and LG Electronics. They are close to becoming the first metaverse technology to be able to communicate in this way.

Sansar’s platform goes beyond concepts and beta products to offer advanced, fully operational, and monetized technology. It is dedicated to providing the best metaverse experience possible. They reject cryptocurrency and NFTs, as well as scarcity strategies and data mining.

Sansar wants to use AI in a variety of ways, like in pets, a world based on “Westworld,” and a personal AI helper rather than tedious tutorials. Users will get a more immersive experience as a result, and there will be more ways to make money on the platform.


Investing In Sansar

An opportunity exists to participate in the metaverse revolution by investing in Sansar. The company intends to use the raised funds to hire engineers and creatives, broaden its marketing reach, and achieve the roadmap’s goals, in addition to providing advanced technology that is fully operational and monetizable on the platform.

Change the way we connect and interact by joining the effort to make the metaverse accessible to all. Through StartEngine (, you can put money into the virtual reality industry’s future with Sansar. Prepare to be amazed as the metaverse awaits!

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