Affable ai launches Community

Affable ai launches Community , which enables brands and advertising agencies to build an army of creators who promote their products and help them reach relevant audiences through affiliate programs and brand collaborations.

Affable ai launches Community

Affable ai has launched Community to assist brands and agencies in assembling an army of endorsers and promoters who can help your brand reach relevant audiences. Creators who are devoted to the brands typically submit a large number of requests to mid- to large-scale brands. The requests come from all over, including mentions, direct messages from social media, and email. essentially making it impossible to manually compile, analyze, or converse with these authors. The community feature comes into play at that point.

The Affable ai launches Community feature does everything! It gives brands a consolidated picture of their social media statistics, automates the management of these content creators, and lets them decide if the applicant is a good fit for the next campaign. As the community enables brands to connect with others who may be potential customers at various stages of their purchasing cycles, the potential increases even further.

Nisarg Shah, CEO of, explained that by establishing community, they are giving brands a way to build a list of creators who are interested in working with them. It helps establish long-term brand loyalty by igniting conversations at numerous touchpoints along a buyer’s journey, inspiring others to share their enthusiasm for the products, and bringing authenticity to brands.

Helping Brands

The Affable ai launches Community Feature Consolidates a Platform to Invite Creators to Work With and Automates Content Creator Management.

Brands gain authenticity, inspire others to share their enthusiasm for the brand’s products by stoking conversations, and help establish long-term brand loyalty by providing a means by which they can build a list of people who are interested in collaborating with them. The community’s function is to collect all requests in one location without requiring active effort.

Save time. Analyze and identify requests that are relevant to the brand and those that aren’t using data intelligence.

Brand Community

Brands can expeditiously respond to every request with the brand community feature. Our AI-driven platform aids brands in assessing the granular data of individual content creators and identifying requests that are pertinent to the brand by providing data points such as reach, engagement, and average views per post, among others.

Increase the diversity of the brand’s community by seamlessly integrating with existing CRM Brands can automate the entire workflow, which saves time and resources. Brands can set up a funnel to accept applications from content creators, run product gifting or affiliate campaigns with different types of content creators in different marketing buckets, and give them incentives for doing so.


Affable Technologies is a global group of engineers, data scientists, and marketers working on exciting products for the creator economy. It was founded in 2017. By automating their creator marketing strategy, we assist some of the world’s leading brands and agencies in saving time, effort, and money.

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