Amazon Smile Ending,Non Profits Explain

Health nonprofits speak out about Amazon Smile ending, and how it will impact their work.

Amazon Smile Ending

On January 27, Amazon Smile Ending made the announcement that it would be ending its Amazon Smile program. The program has made it simple for Amazon Smile Ending customers to give to the charity of their choice and for small charities to get money they need. They explained that their ability to make a difference was frequently dispersed too thinly due to the large number of eligible organizations—more than one million worldwide.

Genetic Alliance

Genetic Alliance assisted dozens of non-profit organizations that provide assistance to people with a variety of diseases in composing a letter that was sent to Amazon last week. In the letter, they explained why this idea is wrong. First and foremost, the program’s impact has never been measured by Amazon.

Another problem is that these non-profits have successfully recruited for Amazon by encouraging their members to shop there. People who can’t afford to donate can buy necessities and have a portion of the money go to the charity that helps them, among other important reasons. These people were able to contribute through the program, which also made it possible to build a more diverse donor base without hurting people who are also struggling to make ends meet and care for loved ones.

The letter received almost immediately a response, available here. Amazon responded in the same manner as in the initial letter in less than an hour. The health advocacy groups have requested that Amazon respond to the letter. The leaders of these organizations talked about the effects of these donations in the letter.

GACI Global

Liz Molloy, GACI Global’s co-President, talked about how they used money from Amazon Smile Ending to send 20 memorial gifts to families whose children had generalized arterial calcification of infancy (GACI).

Organic Acidemia Association

Kathy Stagni, the Executive Director of the Organic Acidemia Association, explained that the OAA used these funds to reimburse postage for donating special formulas to families living in other countries. Countries like Guatemala do not have access to this unique formula. Many children with our uncommon metabolic conditions eat only this formula.

RAS opathies Network

And from one more of the dozens of leaders whose impact statements were included in the letter, stating that the families they support are financially and medically precarious; The clinicians with whom they connect have extremely large caseloads and devote personal time to assisting each other’s work; The researchers with whom they connect spend any money they can to submit their findings for peer review. Every. Little. Bit. Helps. In two ways, Amazon  Smile has helped their constituents find meaningful ways to give without breaking the bank: donating to organizations like the RAS opathies Network and being a convenient source for day-to-day shopping, as explained by Network President Lisa Schoyer.

Genetic Alliance

Sharon Terry, CEO of Genetic Alliance, admitted that she was in tears while collecting the impact statements because, since 1986, they have collaborated with grassroots advocacy organizations. She is always moved when we get to the heart of what they do. In the midst of all their suffering, these seemingly insignificant acts—assisting families with essential tasks—are potent. They support families, educate clinicians, and stimulate research as a unit. They only have the support of their members. She said that it hurts to see Amazon Smile Ending go and that they are the only ones making a difference in genetic disease research and services. She is thankful that they are together. In addition, Terry is the co-founder and chief executive officer of PXE International, which treats pseudoxanthoma elasticum, a condition that affected her two children in 1994. Their success over the years was largely due to the Amazon Smile Ending program.


It appears that Amazon customers have not been informed of this change. It is unknown whether Amazon will respond beyond a reiteration of its standard letter to nonprofits.

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