Angela Nichols,New Single Wings,Dreams

New Single Wings by Angela Nichols was influenced by her journey of self-discovery and was co-written with veterans Carlos Cahee, SX: AM, and Sean Pen.

New Single Wings

Angela Nichols, a singer-songwriter and creative, and her team have finally released her debut single, “Wings,” which was co-created by Angela and Carlos Cahee, SX: AM (Twitter: SX_AM_) and #1 Board and Grammy named vocal arranger and maker, Sean Pen (HeSo Discourteous). Carlos is well-known for his long list of industry accomplishments, including his work with Lloyd, August Alsina, and Ashanti. He won the Top R&B and Rap Tour 2022 Billboard Award and the Millennial Tour Billboard Award. Angela contributes with her voice, versatile spirit, and creative journey.

When Angela created “Wings,” her goal was to inspire listeners to be truthful and resilient, to align with their inner angel, and to be free and the best version of themselves.

Angela Nichols’s Music

Angela has always been influenced by music and is well-known for her charisma and vocal ability. Her sound is unmistakably pure, powerful, and able to stretch across many genres, and it can connect with a wide range of genres. Her gospel upbringing in Jackson, Mississippi, is the source of her enthusiasm and interest in music. She has been singing for more than 15 years, including pop, Christian, country, Motown, rock, R&B, and jazz. She has performed at concerts, private parties, fashion shows, charity events, and weddings.

Angela Nichols,New Single Wings,Dreams
Angela Nichols Releases Single, ‘Wings’

Angela’s Korean mother and American father raised her in a multi-cultural household. She started singing at her hometown church in Jackson, Mississippi, where she had her Pentecostal roots. Kirk Franklin, Kim Walker, and Israel Houghton are among her favorite Christian artists, and Etta James, Tina Turner, and Amy Winehouse are among her favorite female icons.

Angela Nichols,New Single Wings,Dreams


Angela’s personal struggle to rise above served as the inspiration for Wings, who visited her in a dream. Angela discovered, through personal trials, resiliency, and authentically showing up for herself, that we can only break free and soar when we are able to tap into our own spirit. Her subconscious mix of anxieties and aspirations was called Wings. She was on the merry-go-round for a long time, talking about her dreams and living other people’s dreams. Wings is a new beginning! To be free, no matter what the past may have been, it’s about loving and trusting oneself and others!

Angela Nichols said that sometimes she only remembers fragments of her dreams, but this one was so vivid that she wrote it down when she woke up. It was very much like a movie, and it happened around the same time that Covid started. It was so surreal to write it all down. She told herself that there would be a song for this! She had to send it to her producers, so she shared it with them, and they loved it! She initially wanted an upbeat EDM melodic house sound, but the producers decided to go with an alternative R&P/Pop sound for Wings because they thought it was more personal and timeless.

Angela Nichols,New Single Wings,Dreams

About Angela Nichols

Angela Nichols is a singer and artist who is Asian American. Her gospel upbringing in Jackson, Mississippi, had an impact on her music. She has been singing for more than 15 years, including pop, Christian, country, Motown, rock, R&B, and jazz. She has performed for weddings, confidential occasions, style shows, noble cause associations as well as shows. She also gives solo and duet shows and can make the musicians fit the needs of the client. Her deep exhibitions are impacted by a portion of her #1 specialists: Amy Winehouse, Tina Turner, and Etta James

“Wings,” Angela’s first single, was released in 2022 and is currently available on all platforms. She co-wrote “Don’t Count Me Out” with American Idol finalist Vincent Powell in 2018 and released it as her inspirational debut single and music video on YouTube in 2021. For The Joe Niekro Foundation, which she and her husband John Bo Nichols co-chaired in 2018, this song was written in honor of brain aneurysm survivors. She will be delivering another music video for her new single, ‘Wings,’ in 2023.

Angela can be heard performing in the city at Toulouse Bar and Café, as well as at additional venues planned for 2023.

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