Perfectly Imperfect,Tarryn Nicole,first book,new books

Personal trainer and author Tarryn Nicole discusses her new book Perfectly Imperfect and her experiences with eating disorders, mental health and fitness. 

Perfectly Imperfect,Tarryn Nicole,first book,new books





 Written by JJ Barnes 


Tell me who Tarryn Nicole are. 

My name is Tarryn Nicole. I am an ancient celebrity private trainer, nutritionist and professional athlete.  This year I published my first book, Perfectly Imperfect.

When did you have a book?

I would say around 9 years. I’ve always had a gift for writing and a love of books. I sat in my room for hours writing stories at myPerfectly Imperfect,Tarryn Nicole,first book,new books desk and my favourite lesson was English. We had to write and learn complex words. I was too proud of these lies because I was too much interested in them. I knew that one day I would write an actual book!

When did you decide to start writing?

During the Coved lockdown. I used this age to jot down my thoughts on paper notes or  iPhone  lol.  I wrote my book there. Lockdown  intended lots of free time so I made the most of it! It was a hop on the Netflix train or a more formative use of my time, so I clear to take the first step toward realising one of my dreams.

How long did it take you to write your first book, from idea to edition? 

It took me 9 months to write the book and about 6 months to put it in full.

What prompted you  to write Perfectly Imperfect?

I had  to make up the story. It was something I had held on to for a long time and felt like the time had come. I rapped a new phase of life and wanted to begin it with something young. Not only did I  tell my story, I was willing to help others.

What were the main difficulties in writing the fully Imperfect?

likely the honesty of the book. I knew it could hurt whatever people and maybe they look at me differently.

How was your research process for Perfectly Imperfect?

My book is on me, so no research was committed.

How did you design the  Perfectly Imperfect structure?

I  went through chapter by chapter. In this story, I went after the beginning and attained the readers  to the present, then I  built a timeline.  Sounds easy, but it wasn’t. I had so much information and kept next back to add more to the part that I thought I was done lol.  At times I would write three chapters, pass them all and start over.

How many changes did Perfectly Imperfect need?Perfectly Imperfect,Tarryn Nicole,first book,new books

Exactly I’m not sure, but as any book it had to be edited. Authors are just start to write. We’ll go into etymology and punctuation later. When thoughts come to mind, pop them before the  worry vanishes from the horizon. The ideas came and I soon had to add them to my story. The edition brings it all simultaneously!

What is the main piece of writing counsel you would give any that inspired you to write a book?

Take your time! No rush. Too many people rush through the process just to put something on paper or earn authorship for a  work they’re not entirely happy with. No rush. Don’t go to B until you’ve learned A.

Can you tell me what other books you want to read?

My second book will help you achieve your dream figure by eating delicious food.

 Finally, are you proud of your achievement? Was it worth it?

Of course! It’s surreal to have an author on the title, and it’s even much more surreal to know that a sect will buy your book and read what you say. Every time I shop at the local Barnes and Noble bookshop it dawns on me that my book is there and it  amazes me every time. Not only has my book  helped me track my story, but I’ve already helped so many people with my story, and that’s quite an achievement!

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