Make Ayurveda First Choice,Baby Care

BabyOrgano opens the doors to Ayurveda for children aged 0 to 15 years old. Make Ayurveda First Choice is known to treat the problem at its source rather than just its symptoms.

Make Ayurveda First Choice

One of the greatest gifts that Indian culture has given to the world is Make Ayurveda First Choice. Ayurveda has been used extensively throughout our great nation’s history, and its natural benefits are highly regarded worldwide. Therefore, why not impart the best aspects of Ayurveda to our children?

Make Ayurveda First Choice,Baby CareMake Ayurveda First Choice perfectly balances our life cycles and works in harmony with the human body’s harmonies. Children can benefit from the Ayurvedic approach to child care and rekindle their inherent potential to develop, heal, and thrive in the world.

Make Ayurveda First Choice,Baby Care


BabyOrgano will help your children have the healthiest and brightest future possible. Baby Care is the ideal blend of traditional wellness and modern living for the little ray of sunshine in your life, designed by new-age parents.

Riddhi Sharma, a mompreneur, founded BabyOrgano after realizing the significance of Make Ayurveda First Choice for the well-being and happiness of children. She and her husband, Ripul Sharma, have been tirelessly promoting Ayurveda in the childcare industry. BabyOrgano was founded in 2020. It has already established a solid foothold among customers and anticipates future growth through the addition of additional channels and a broader distribution network. One of the first direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands to enter the market, BabyOrgano focuses on the Baalchikitsa branch of Ayurveda to meet the needs of children under the age of 15.

Even though Ayurveda has been around for a long time, very few brands of baby products use its benefits. Sharma explained that pharmaceuticals have always been the focus of the healthcare industry that caters to the requirements of our young people. Even though it has its place in our health, using pharmaceuticals for everything can hinder our children’s natural immunity. As a result, BabyOrgano has developed a comprehensive product line to assist infants in developing greater immunity as adults.

Natural Ingredients

BabyOrgano strives to be a friend and a sidekick for all the modern mothers out there in order to share in the joy of parenting with you. Ayurveda places a high value on natural ingredients, and BabyOrgano uses them in every product. The ongoing, in-depth research that BabyOrgano conducts on natural herbs and plants enables them to create the safe, easy-to-use newborn care products that your child deserves.

To provide your child with the best possible care during their formative years, every product on BabyOrgano’s extensive catalog has been approved by the FDA and is free of chemicals and synthetic ingredients. Most of us have felt compelled to give our best to the children in our lives, whether we have the privilege of raising them or are simply blessed to know and adore them. Products like BaalPrashan Swarnaprashan – kids immunity booster, Chocovita milk mix, Cold Relief Roll-on, Hing Roll-on, Ubtan, Shampoo, and Baby Wash and Lotion are available from BabyOrgano.

The fantastic team at BabyOrgano has set their sights on bringing about an Ayurvedic revolution in infant healthcare. Ayruveda has proven to be a miracle for us, explained Sharma writes. Baby Care wanted to share the joy with every parent around them.

Ayurveda is both an art and a science of life. It has a lot of information that both adults and kids can use. with BabyOrgano products praised by more than 50,000 mothers. Because of their widespread appeal, well-known venture capitalists and angel investors have expressed an interest in providing funding for BabyOrgano. Our team is of the opinion that its products will make it possible for you to impart some of the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda to your children in order to foster strong health during their formative years.

Make Ayurveda First Choice,Baby Care
BabyOrgano Product Range

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GMP certification and ISO Quality Assurance Standards are followed by every product in their catalog to help children’s immunity, memory, growth, and concentration. These products can be easily purchased online through platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, 1MG, JIoMart, and FirstCry.



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