Barbara Hankey-Rogers

It’s A No Grainer

Barbara Hankey-Rogers, who lives in Southern California, recently published an amazing grain-free cookbook titled “It’s A No Grainer.” Get book Here.

Barbara Hankey-Rogers
It’s A No Grainer


74 year old Barbara is helping people of all ages discover the wonderful benefits of a grain-free lifestyle. Avid pickleball player Barbara encourages those around her to swap to a grain-free diet because she is at her ideal weight, and does not take any medications.

Over 180 grain-free and absolutely delicious recipes in the “It’s A No Grainer” cookbook will introduce those to a grain-free diet who haven’t yet it yet.

Barbara Hankey-Rogers

Grain-Free Lifestyle

Barbara tried low-fat, vegan, and gluten-free diets like many others, but none of them worked for her. So, what’s all the commotion about going grain-free? A grain-free diet may have a number of potential advantages. (

Weight Loss

A grain-free diet may help some people lose weight because grains can be high in calories.

Improved Digestion

When grains are removed from a person’s diet, they may experience fewer digestive issues like gas and bloating.

More Energy

On a grain-free diet, some people say they feel more energetic, which could be because they have better control over their blood sugar or less inflammation.

Improved Mental Clarity

A grain-free diet has been shown to help some people become more focused and clear-headed.

Improved Physical Performance

On a grain-free diet, some people find that they have better physical performance, like more strength and endurance.

Better Blood Sugar Control

People with diabetes or prediabetes may have better control of their blood sugar with a grain-free diet.

Improved Cardiovascular Health

A grain-free diet may improve cardiovascular health indicators like blood pressure and cholesterol levels, according to some studies.

Improved Skin

Barbara Hankey-Rogers
Grain Free Living

On a grain-free diet, some people notice better skin health, like fewer breakouts from acne.

Barbara Hankey-Rogers

Improved Nutrient Intake

Certain nutrients, like healthy fats, protein, and vegetables, may be consumed more frequently on a grain-free diet.

Allergy Management

For those who suffer from grain allergies or intolerances, a grain-free diet may be beneficial.

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