Flower Design Class,Bouquets & Bubbles

With a Japanese-themed flower design class, Bouquets & Bubbles, Peoria Florist helped get the Valentine’s week off to a good start.

Valentine’s Day Flower Design Class

Flower Design Class,Bouquets & Bubbles
Bouquets & Bubbles Class

The essence of “Bouquets & Bubbles,” which were served to Vistancia neighbors on February 5 at the Mountain Vista Clubhouse, was love, romance, flowers, champagne, and chocolate.

Flower Design Class,Bouquets & Bubbles

We start to wonder if the special someone in our lives will show us affection as Valentine’s Day gets closer. With a Japanese-themed flower design class, Peoria Florist helped get the Valentine’s week off to a good start. Like the bubbles in a champagne glass, Peoria Florist owner Anthem Pleasant began preparations months in advance with a precise focus on improving the quality.

Ikuko Hashimoto

The class was taught by Japanese floral instructor Ikuko Hashimoto. Champagne was served to everyone for two hours while Ms. Hashimoto demonstrated how to design a stunning flower bouquet for Valentine’s Day.

This wonderful florist is well-versed in the spirit of sharing on Valentine’s Day. She has a lot of experience and continues to motivate people to learn every day. She is a certified American Institute of Floral Designers and European Master Certification judge as well as an accredited designer. She has appeared in numerous books. She really enjoys designing high-end Arizona weddings and events.

She was born in Japan, where she learned Ikebana, was featured on Japanese television shows, saw big-city designs in New York, and discovered additional fashion interests at the Phoenician Resort in Scottsdale. She has designed famous singers, athletes, and the president of the United States.

Flower Design Class,Bouquets & Bubbles
Valentines Day Flower Bouquet

On February 14, the woman traditionally presents the man with chocolate. On March 14, he will respond to the love gesture with “something white” if he accepts it. A box of Godiva chocolate was provided because Bouquets & Bubbles is a sharing event.

Flower Design Class,Bouquets & Bubbles

Valentines Flowers

Vases in the colors green, red, and purple were provided and were prepared to hold botanicals. Included was a bouquet of flowers; Ranunculus, tulips, Hypericum, Green Trick Dianthus, Waxflower, Alstroemeria, and greenery are the pink sweet akito roses. Russian, Israeli, and Italian. The midollino stick, floral form, and hard goods were all included.

For Valentine’s Day, these two individual vases touched as if they were lovers. The elegant instructor started by showing how to properly arrange flowers. Ms. Hashimoto gave instructions on how to precisely arrange more than thirty flowers and stems in the vases. The steadfast server was pouring champagne as these exact instructions were being given.

Passion for the arts, having fun, and unwinding occurred. Their very own arrangement of exquisite flowers was now displayed in front of each individual. The midollino sticks, which formed a heart-shaped bow and connected the two vases, were the final finishing touch. On Valentine’s Day, it stands for “Connected Heart,” which represents two people’s unbreakable love.

Peoria Florist™

Flower Design Class,Bouquets & Bubbles
Peoria Florist™

Peoria Florist™ is an Arizona-based event and retail online store that designs fresh flower arrangements and delivers locally that very same day.

Flower Design Class,Bouquets & Bubbles

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