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In the most recent list of iconic brands is Dating App Tinder Makes The Superbrands UK List 2023, the dating app Tinder was named a Superbrand.

Ester Lauder, a beauty company that has benefited from a renewed interest in appearance following the lockdown, Hargreaves Lansdown, an investment company that reflects concerns about personal finances, and North Face, which has benefited from a growing trend to wear outdoor fashion, have also been declared Superbrands for the first time.

The annual rankings show how consumers’ lifestyles and habits have changed since the pandemic ended and the cost of living crisis started.


With more people than ever using the matchmaker service when looking for a relationship with Dating App Tinder Makes, Tinder’s addition to the Superbrands listings demonstrates that sweeping right has become an established method of meeting a potential partner.

The independently compiled list provides a yearly gauge of how consumers feel about particular brands, as well as the emotional bonds and resilience that well-known brands are able to maintain even in the face of budget cuts at home. It also shows how technological advancements and working from home continue to have an impact.

Top Superbrands

For the third year in a row, Rolex topped the Superbrands 2023 ranking, demonstrating how the leading watchmaker has stood the test of time. Following Rolex were Lego, Samsung, and Mastercard. Lego, a legacy toymaker, has benefited from its popular Technic sets and connections to Harry Potter and Star Wars.

Samsung’s award-winning line of smartphones and other electronic goods are to blame for the company’s success. Apple, a phone rival, moved up to fifth place, and Google, a search engine, made it into the top ten for the first time in 11 years thanks to more businesses working from home and going online for Dating App Tinder Makes The Superbrands UK List 2023.

Mastercard moved up to fourth place over Visa, giving card payment companies a larger share of the consumer market.

British Airways overcame all odds to achieve success with the return of international travel, particularly among vacationers.

Incorporating a little bit of indulgence into the routine, Haagen-Dazs’ luxurious ice cream also proved to be a sweet success. Kellogg’s and other staples like it have seen an unexpected rise in popularity as people turn to snacks for comfort and convenience.

In the meantime, Netflix and Sky, two of the most popular streaming services in Britain, have established themselves as staples in the majority of households.

Annual Superbrands List

Since its introduction in the United Kingdom in 1995, the annual Superbrands ranking has provided insight into brand sentiment. The consumer and business Superbrands were chosen by 2,500 professionals and 2,500 adults, supported by a panel of 74 leading business experts.

Quality, dependability, and distinction were evaluated for 3200 brands across 86 consumer and 71 business categories, and 1308 brands met the required standard. Because brands do not have to pay or apply to be considered, Superbrands is considered impartial.

Johnson & Johnson, a pharmaceutical giant, and GSK, a well-known communications app and social media platform, both suffered from the decline in Covid 19, as consumers sought out new, innovative products to meet their shifting needs.

It comes as no surprise that Apple, Google, Microsoft, and PayPal, the four most prominent brands in business, have been designated as Superbrands. They demonstrate that technology is no longer merely a fad; It is an important part of almost every industry today.

“To be considered as a superbrand, a product or service must not only provide utmost quality, but also engage customers on an emotional level and stand out from its competitors,” explaind Damon Segal, CEO of Superbrands UK, stressing the importance of quality when it comes to maintaining a brand’s top position in the industry.

Top 20 Consumer Superbrands

1 Rolex
2 Lego
3 Samsung
4 Mastercard
5 Apple
6 Visa
7 Kellogg’s
8 British Airways
9 Google
10 Haagen-Dazs
11 Dyson
12 Andrew
13 Netflix
14 Heinz
15 Fairy
16 Nike
17 Coca-Cola
18 Sky TV
19 PayPal
20 Mercedes-Benz

Top 20 Business Superbrands

1 Apple
2 Google
3 Microsoft
4 PayPal
5 Emirates
6 BT
7 Mastercard
8 Samsung
9 Pfizer
10 British Airways
11 Visa
12 IBM
13 AstraZeneca
14 American Express
15 Adobe
16 Virgin Atlantic
17 Intel
18 Aviva
19 FedEx
20 Barclaycard

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