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Desert Botanicals® has announced a Valentine’s Day-specific sale. Desert Botanicals is offering a 30% discount on its hair care line for the remainder of February.

Valentine’s Day Sale

Desert Botanicals® has announced a Valentine’s Day sale. Desert Botanicals is offering a 30% discount on its hair care line for the remainder of February.

Desert Botanicals
Desert Botanicals Valentines Day Sale

Desert Botanicals products are made in Arizona and combine many beneficial natural oils and extracts with high-tech ingredients to provide best-in-class hair color protection, cuticle nourishment, shine, and frizz control without harsh chemicals like propylene glycol or parabens. They start with the best ingredients from the Sonoran Desert (jojoba, prickly pear, aloe vera).

Desert Botanicals

John Ritchie, President of Desert Botanicals, explained that, particularly on Valentine’s Day, everyone wants to look their best. Desert Botanicals is pleased to announce a special sale for the month of February, bringing their highest-quality hair products to a price point that nearly everyone can afford. Their sale enables everyone to experience the significant benefits of their products, whether as a Valentine’s Day present for a loved one or simply for people who want to look their best at work or on a date.

Desert Botanicals®

Desert Botanicals, which was founded in Arizona in 2019 by a Ph.D. chemist from the University of Southern California and a M.B.A. from the University of Chicago, is committed to the development of high-quality and effective hair care products in a socially responsible manner. Desert Botanicals is a pioneer in reshaping the hair care industry by showcasing the remarkable properties of botanicals found in the Sonoran Desert and other similar regions.

Desert Botanicals
Desert Botanicals – The Home of Nature Inspired Hair Care

The Mission Statement of Desert Botanicals includes the following three key points:

Desert Botanicals

• To balance nature, nutrition, and technology to make the best hair care products.
• To use ingredients that reflect Arizona’s spirit and the Sonoran Desert
• To assist our community in need

Desert Botanicals is committed to developing and manufacturing their products in a way that is good for society. Because of this, everything they do is free of cruelty, recyclable, free of parabens, and good for their community.

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