Xiangfu Xiao

An interview with Xiangfu Xiao in New York Art Life Magazine provides insight into the art of lighting.

Xiangfu Xiao

There are a lot of artists and lighting designers working in the industry right now, and they’re creating magical sets and lighting designs that get better with each play. One lighting designer, who is currently rising in the industry, is Xiangfu Xiao. With each new design he creates, he shines.

New York Art Life is dedicated to bringing artists to the attention of the art community and keeping them informed about all the new game changers. New York City-based lighting designer Xiangfu Xiao received his education and worked on numerous projects in the city. Peers in his training recognized his unique style and skill in bringing about change and breaking trends.

Xiangfu Xiao
Xiangfu Xiao

“I’ve always wanted to work at Lincoln Center,” said Xiangfu Xiao, reflecting on his experience working at Lincoln Center. “I am very appreciative of this opportunity; I think my favorite thing about working here and on this play is watching the magnificent artists, writers, directors, cast, and crew create so much power and energy every day. It is impossible not to create good work when you’re surrounded by so many great forces.”

Xiangfu Xiao


Xiangfu Xiao was interviewed by New York Art Life about his work and the amazing projects he has been working on. The entire interview can be found on Ny Art Life. He says that he likes the adaptability of his medium and admires working with artists who have different narratives and styles. At the Mark O’Donnell Theater in New York City, a play called Measure for Measure had Xiangfu design the lighting. Raquel Chavez and Beth Ann Hopkins directed this play. His work received a lot of praise, and because of his incredible lighting design talent, he was given more opportunities. His work was so well-known that Broadway World included a mention of him in an article about the play.

News about Broadway and off-Broadway plays is covered by York City. They also write reviews and keep the New York theater community up to date on what’s going on in the theater industry right now. The nonpartisan global theater portal The Theater Times also showed him a lot of love. Because of the success of his work on Measure for Measure, many of his peers look up to him as an inspiration, just like they do with every other project.

Xiangfu is currently employed as a lighting designer’s assistant and associate. He has been involved in numerous impressive endeavors. The March to Liberation, his most recent project, was a concert. At Lincoln Center’s David Geffen Hall, the premiere was held for the first time ever. He also worked on NY City Center Stage II’s Off-Broadway production of Becomes A Woman. He and the audience alike were greatly influenced by these shows. He strives to produce yet another lighting design that no one else has ever seen, regardless of the success of any project he works on. And he succeeds in that endeavor. Xiangfu continues to break down barriers and demonstrate to everyone that it is possible to achieve one’s goals.

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