Sharing Platform Zoltake,Earn Money From Zoltake,Earn Money From Photo

Sharing Platform Zoltake, which was started by Berk Anil Unal and Emir Eksioglu, is getting ready to meet with users this year.

Sharing Platform Zoltake

Zoltake is a photograph sharing stage that can be very intriguing for clients. Sharing Platform Zoltake are used to like photos in Zoltake, and the number of likes is unlimited. The Zoltas you earn from the photos can then be converted into real money or used for other photos.

Turquoise, a significant variety in Turkish history, is utilized in the application which gets name from the money Sharing Platform Zoltake was utilized in the Ottoman Realm in the eighteenth hundred years. The company places a high value on being the leading platform for photo sharing in Turkey and a significant social alternative for users worldwide.

Sharing Platform Zoltake,Earn Money From Zoltake,Earn Money From Photo
Emir Eksioglu & Berk Anil Unal

In addition, the application’s currency, Zolta, is being developed for easy Web3 integration, and the company plans to include DeFis on the platform in the near future.Sharing Platform Zoltake,Earn Money From Zoltake,Earn Money From Photo


Earn Money From Zoltake

The fact that users are able to instantly convert the Zoltas they use for photo sharing into real currencies is the most significant feature that sets Zoltake apart from other platforms, according to co-founder and architect Berk Anil Unal. If you want to start making money right away from sharing photos, this is a very important feature. They believe that Zoltake will be a great channel for social responsibility because Zolta users will be able to quickly donate to the foundations they want. Security, naturally. Privacy and openness will not be a problem for users. We plan everything accordingly.

Emir Eksioglu, a co-founder who previously worked for international publications such as HuffPost and U.S. News & World Report, is already in touch with significant international investors.

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