Steve Forbes On Achievement,Educational Series,Inspirational Business Icons

 Steve Forbes On Achievement video series featuring Steve Forbes profiles successful businesspeople.

Steve Forbes On Achievement

Steve Forbes On Achievement,Educational Series,Inspirational Business Icons
Steve Forbes on Achievement

Steve Forbes On Achievement, a 10-part video series profiling great entrepreneurs whose innovations have shaped modern life, has been launched by, the non-profit online platform that provides educational content to teachers and students nationwide.

The series, which is hosted and narrated by Steve Forbes, chairman and editor-in-chief of Forbes Media, the leader in business information, will be available at no cost to educators beginning today at The videos and additional instructional material will be available at at

The vice-president of, Dean Graziano, explained that is at the forefront of meeting the needs and interests of educators as well as students, offering everything from a complete career readiness curriculum to Student Loans and currently Steve Forbes On Achievement.

Additionally, Steve Forbes expressed his happiness at collaborating with on this series. Achievement demonstrates that many of the goods and services we now take for granted were initially daring concepts in the minds of imaginative people who were required to take risky actions in order to realize their vision. Adults as well as students will be inspired and engaged by these tales.

Inspirational Business Icons

Steve Forbes On Achievement tells the stories of business icons whose achievements have changed the world and improved the lives of millions of people. However, many of these people are overlooked and underappreciated today. They are especially excited to share these significant stories with students through these excellent videos hosted by Steve Forbes, who is well-known throughout the nation for his unique understanding of economics and business.

Steve Forbes On Achievement,Educational Series,Inspirational Business Icons

The series profiles entrepreneurs like Annie Malone, the magnate of hair products and possibly the first Black millionaire; Fred Harvey, whose Harvey House hotels and restaurants established the modern hospitality industry; Malcom McLean, the inventor of the shipping container that changed global commerce; George Eastman, whose innovations in photography reduced the cost of cameras and made them more affordable for millions of people; and the creator of the Barbie doll, Ruth Handler. Elizabeth Ames, a longtime collaborator of Forbes who also created and produced the series, wrote the three-minute episodes.

Sixty percent of teens surveyed by Junior Achievement USA want to start their own businesses rather than working traditional jobs. In addition, the survey revealed that more than a third of teens would be interested in programs that teach entrepreneurship and that 45% of teens want to learn from current business owners.

Steve Forbes On Achievement,Educational Series,Inspirational Business Icons

The goal of is to show and discuss moral and social choices that can help people live happy lives. is a non-benefit that has given excellent instructive assets at no expense for instructors for more than 16 years to assist understudies with creating decisive reasoning abilities. The materials in the catalog of are video-based, meet state and national standards, and they supplement specific subjects across subjects. They recently added brand-new, complete course curriculums with lesson plans, activities, and quizzes that are automatically graded. also offers lessons on current events on the weekdays. videos and the concepts presented in them have been documented to have a documented comprehension rate of 76%, according to over 30,000 recent quizzes taken by middle and high school students. Today, more than 400,000 teachers in the United States have accounts on

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