Eileen Collins,Through The Glass Ceiling To The Stars,Jonathan H. Ward,A Powerful Story

On March 7, the first female space shuttle pilot, Eileen Collins, and Jonathan H. Ward release memoir, Through The Glass Ceiling To The Stars.

Through The Glass Ceiling To The Stars

On March 7, Eileen Collins‘s long-awaited memoir “Through The Glass Ceiling To The Stars” will be published for the first time as a trade paperback. Collins was a pioneer in aviation throughout her entire career. From Eileen’s early years as one of the Air Force’s first female pilots to her crowning achievements as the first woman to command an American space mission and the first woman to pilot the space shuttle, “Through the Glass Ceiling to the Stars” takes readers on a rocket ride. She was one of the first women to earn their pilot’s wings at Vance Air Force Base, the first woman to become an instructor pilot there, and the second woman to be accepted into the elite Test Pilot Program at Edwards Air Force Base, which is run by the Air Force.

Eileen Collins,Through The Glass Ceiling To The Stars,Jonathan H. Ward,A Powerful Story
Through The Glass Ceiling To The Stars

Eileen was given command of the first shuttle mission following the Columbia disaster because NASA was so confident in her abilities as a leader and pilot. This mission brought the United States back into space flight after a two-year hiatus while the world prayed and watched for their safe return. Colonel Collins has spoken to audiences all over the world about space exploration, leadership, and her numerous firsts in flight and spaceflight since retiring from the Air Force and NASA.

Eileen Collins,Through The Glass Ceiling To The Stars,Jonathan H. Ward,A Powerful Story

A Powerful Story

“Through the Glass Ceiling to the Star” is more than just a book for space enthusiasts; it is also a story of profound personal transformation in addition to success and overcoming obstacles. The book tells the story of Eileen Collin, a quiet, shy child of an alcoholic father and a struggling single mother who grew up modestly and were unremarkable students. When Eileen graduated from high school, she had few opportunities, but she made a change in her life to pursue her secret dream of becoming an astronaut. In order to inspire and pass on her legacy to a new generation of young people, particularly young women and girls, Collins shares her leadership and life lessons throughout the book.

On March 7, you can find the trade paperback version of “Through the Glass Ceiling to the Stars-The Story of the First American Woman to Command a Space Mission,” which was published by Arcade and distributed by Simon and Schuster.

Eileen Collins

Colonel USAF Eileen M. Collins retired from the Air Force in 2005 and NASA in 2006. She had flown thirty different aircraft types for more than 6,751 hours and spent 872 hours in space. She was inducted into the Astronaut Hall of Fame and was also honored with the Distinguished Flying Cross and NASA Outstanding Leadership Medal. She has traveled the world as a motivational speaker since retiring. Col. Collins is a board member of the Astronauts Memorial Foundation and previously advised the National Space Council. She has two children with her husband.

Eileen Collins,Through The Glass Ceiling To The Stars,Jonathan H. Ward,A Powerful Story

Jonathan H. Ward

Jonathan H. Ward is a sought-after speaker on topics related to space exploration, a Solar System Ambassador for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and a resident astronomer and enrichment lecturer for Viking and Cunard. He is a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society and co-authored “Bringing Columbia Home” with Michael D. Leinbach. He also wrote two books about the Apollo program. Jonathan resides in North Carolina’s Greensboro.

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