Dyutima Jha,New My Food Lens

On her podcast, New My Food Lens , Dyutima Jha teaches photography tips and tricks needed to create mouthwatering photos.

Dyutima Jha

Dyutima Jha, a food stylist and food photographer who is known all over the world, is back with a new season of her popular podcast, My Food Lens.

Dyutima Jha,New My Food Lens
Popular food stylist and photographer Dyutima Jha rocks the mic every week with new episodes of My Food Lens.

She left a successful career in architecture to start a food photography business, earning the nickname DJ, with no prior business experience. She is also the first woman from South Asia to run the food photography podcast My Food Lens, which is based in Singapore.

Dyutima Jha,New My Food Lens

 New My Food Lens

She teaches the art of visual storytelling through photos with the My Food Lens podcast and has earned a worldwide following. Additionally, her background in architecture gives her a unique perspective on how to photograph food. Come along with DJ as she delves deeply into the world of food styling and photography, practical ways to build and grow your business, how to overcome challenges on social media, and how to create fearlessly by cultivating a positive mindset.

 clarified that the sole purpose of this podcast is to assist you in achieving your aspirations as a food photographer.

In Australia, My Food Lens is ranked number 20 and number 30 on the Apple Podcasts charts for visual arts podcasts (source: Chartable).

Dyutima Jha,New My Food Lens

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Wherever you get your podcasts, you can listen to My Food Lens.


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