Hardee's un AImaginable

Hardee’s un AImaginable Experiment Demonstrates That AI Can’t Do Everything The most recent #unAImaginable advertisement for Hardee demonstrates that Ai CAN’T do everything at a time when the general fear is that Ai will take over and steal jobs!

Hardee’s un AImaginable

Hardee's un AImaginable
Hardee’s Super Star Burger imagined by AI image making tool DALL-E

Right now, everyone is raving about how good Ai is and what it can do. Ai is currently the topic of conversation on every news channel in the world. This is due to the fact that Chatbot GPT and DALL: E, Ai just advanced one level. Numerous thought leaders have compared this moment to the “invention of photography” or “invention of the Guttenberg press.”

Hardee's un AImaginable

However, a sense of collective angst has emerged after the initial awe of these tools’ capabilities has subsided. Because AI is getting so good that it could affect everything from jobs to life as we know it, people feel threatened.

So, Hardee’s and the marketing agency And Us decided to test Ai to see how good it really is, if it’s the genius everyone says it is, and if there’s a way to make everyone less worried about it.

Hardee’s #unAImaginable Super Star Burger

Hardee's un AImaginable
Original Hardee’s Super Star Burger

Using DALL:E, Open Ai’s image making tool, they asked it to “imagine Hardee’s SUPER STAR burger.” An assortment of bizarre, wacky, surreal, and completely wild creations were returned—awesome, near-misses, beautiful images—but, most importantly, not a single one was an accurate representation of a SUPER STAR burger. As a result, they increased the pressure by providing the complete recipe and other prompts. Despite more than 10,000 attempts, it was still unable to produce a SUPER STAR burger.

Hardee's un AImaginable

They then created a campaign using the images of all the errors Ai produced. The fuller experiment was shown in posts and a video on social media with the encouraging message that Ai is not perfect, so don’t worry right now.

Hardee’s Regional Marketing Director, Hussein Kandil, explained how the campaign is based on the topic that is currently trending, both locally and globally. Everyone needs to hear this right now: it’s okay, take a deep breath, and “Ai isn’t coming for you just yet.” And if they can convey this vital message with the assistance of a mouthwatering Hardee’s Super Star burger, even better.

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