Hollywood Filmmaking In Detroit

Hollywood Filmmaking In Detroit DeJuan Ford Creates Opportunities For. The efforts of well-known actor and producer Dejuan Ford are providing opportunities for a new generation of aspiring actors, directors, and producers to pursue their dreams of filmmaking in Detroit.

Hollywood Filmmaking In Detroit

DeJuan Ford, an actor, producer, and serial entrepreneur best known for First Lady 3, Tina & Lori, and Paper Heart, is pleased to be leading the effort to boost the independent film industry in the Detroit area.

Hollywood Filmmaking In Detroit
Dejuan Ford

Ford, who was born and raised in Detroit, has always had a strong interest in film and the remarkable ability of the medium to move audiences. He made his acting debut in the popular television series McGraw Ave after completing his education at Eastern Michigan University. In 2019, he switched over to film production, producing eight films, including First Lady 3, Tina & Lori, Paper Heart, Diamond Girls, Black Straight Blues, Red Flagz, Undying Love, and All the Shine.

Hollywood Filmmaking In Detroit

Filmmaking In Detroit

The development of Detroit’s burgeoning independent film industry is Ford’s current focus. He is leading efforts to provide a new generation of aspiring actors, directors, and producers with the knowledge, skills, and financial backing they need to secure artistic opportunities that will help them stand out, using his success in the industry as a foundation.

Dejuan Ford is proud to be playing a role in assisting the city of Detroit in finding its filmmaking way. He believes that the city has a strong potential to be one of the leading film powerhouses with so much talent it could forever alter the film industry.

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