Who Said That?,New Mobile App Game,Players Unable To Distinguish,New Game

New Game, Who Said That?, a brand-new mobile game finds that when asked a question, 77% of users are unable to distinguish between responses from friends and those from a ChatGPT AI.

Who Said That?

Who Said That?,New Mobile App Game,Players Unable To Distinguish,New Game
Alan BOT Robot playing Who Said That? on their phone

The new Who Said That? mobile game, which is available worldwide for iOS and Android, challenges friends to ask each other questions, submit answers anonymously, and then attempt to determine which answer belongs to whom. Additionally, a ChatGPT-generated answer from robot player Alan BOT can be added, making it even more difficult for players to distinguish between the AI answer and their friend’s.

Who Said That?,New Mobile App Game,Players Unable To Distinguish,New Game

According to a study of games played on the app, 77% of the time, the answers generated automatically by ChatGPT deceived human questioners. Regardless of the subject of the inquiry, the serious question “Where is the best place to live in the world?” to the absurd question, “What insect, and why would you think it would make a good television presenter?” Over three-quarters of the time, the answer generated by ChatGPT was mistaken for one of the player’s friends. The Turing test has frequently been regarded as the standard for an AI’s human-likeness. Who Said That? takes it one step further by requiring that the person not only be believable as a random individual but also be a genuine friend of the user.

The comedy panel show and podcast of the same name, which launched in 2020 during the height of lockdown and has since gained over 250,000 viewers and listeners, are the inspiration for the app. James Acaster, Joel Dommett, Kerry Godliman, Richard Osman, Rosie Jones, Russell Howard, Jon Richardson, Ed Gamble, Lou Sanders, and Richard Herring were among the show’s guests.

New Mobile App Game

Who Said That?,New Mobile App Game,Players Unable To Distinguish,New Game
Who Said That? app out now

Friends and family can now compete against one another via the mobile app, whether they play together at home, at a party, at the pub, or remotely over multiple days. This is their chance to test how well they really know their friends, fool each other by pretending to be someone else, and put on their detective hats to see who is who. It is a game for all ages that is both entertaining and competitive.

Each round begins with a question from one player. They can ask their own questions or choose from the thousands that have already been loaded. After that, the other players anonymously submit their responses. The person asking the question gives bonus points to the best answer, and then they try to guess who gave which answer. In the event that they’ve decided to play with Alan BOT the artificial intelligence player, his response is there as well. Can he trick them into thinking he’s a friend of theirs? or even steal the bonus points from the answer with the best answer?

Simon Gummer

Simon Gummer, a game developer, explained that the fact that Who Said That? can now be played is fantastic after receiving fantastic feedback from audiences all over the world. themselves. He is speechless at how adeptly our ChatGPT player, Alan BOT, fools everyone. It adds a fun twist to the game and makes everyone question their guesses and their friends’ real knowledge.

Simon Gummer is based in London and is also the creator of the Podcast and the YouTube series, was the sole developer of the game. Simon had never made apps before, so he had to learn how to code over the course of a year. His debut album is here. When you aren’t working on “Who Said That?” Simon is an independent TV Maker dealing with unscripted television for the UK and US.

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