Inclusive Underwear Brand

Inclusive Underwear Brand, Everybody, Has Launched, Inclusive brand Everybody brings innovation to the underwear industry with its first-ever crotch sizing options.

Inclusive Underwear Brand

Inclusive Underwear Brand
Courtney Barton

Every Body, a cutting-edge newcomer to the intimates market, introduces the first Inclusive Underwear Brand design to accommodate a variety of crotch sizes, displacing conventional size norms regarding gusset widths and lengths.

Inclusive Underwear Brand

EveriBody was created by Courtney Barton, who searched for decades for underwear that would cover her well and comfortably without sacrificing style or panty lines. She explained that when you’ve tried literally dozens of different brands of underwear and none of them fit right, you start to think you’re the problem. As a result, Courtney started talking about gusset widths, a little-known aspect of underwear design. She quickly found out that she wasn’t the only one frustrated by industry norms of “one size fits most.”

People would share similar stories and complaints about their Inclusive Underwear Brand when she started talking about the creation of a new design with crotch size options. She never anticipated, however, coming across the underlying feelings of body shame that people experienced as a result. Plus-sized customers were also severely underserved, according to her study of the intimates market. She talked about how many brands have sizes 2XL and XL, but almost none of them have sizes up to 4XL for their customers.

Everybody nees to Inclusive Underwear Brand

Inclusive Underwear Brand

EveriBody introduced its first line of inclusively sized underwear in December 2022, offering three crotch sizes and waist sizes ranging from XS to 4XL. The company coined the term “Inclusizing” to describe the extensive selection of inclusive sizes available to their customers.

According to Barton, Eveibody's inclusive sizing strategy has resonated with the market's underrepresented and previously overlooked populations, as well as all genders: Women whose bodies change after giving birth, people whose genders change, women who use menstrual pads, and people whose bodies change as they get older—our bodies change! We shouldn't feel bad about wearing underwear!

EveriBody has established themselves as a brand advocate for healthy body image and inclusivity ever since they entered the market. The Everibody brand has started a conversation about the fact that the underwear industry encourages self-doubt and, even worse, body dysmorphia, and they are working to end this. It's funny because she has always known that my life's work was to help people feel seen and make a difference. She just never imagined that she could do it in underwear.

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