Bob Ross Trading Cards,Cardsmiths Announces,Kickstarter Campaign

Cardsmiths launches a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for a new series of Bob Ross trading cards. The works of fan favorite Bob Ross, painting advice, and more are featured on trading cards.

Bob Ross Trading Cards

We are pleased to announce the official launch of Cardsmiths‘ Kickstarter campaign to fund their newest trading card series. Cardsmiths is a subsidiary of TOYNK, an online retailer. The artist who introduced millions of artists and fans to the “Joy of Painting” is honored in the brand-new Bob Ross Trading Card series. This fun new deck of trading cards features his distinctive spirit and enduring style. By achieving their campaign goal prior to March 15, 2023, supporters of the campaign can assist Cardsmiths in creating the deck.

Bob Ross Trading Cards,Cardsmiths Announces,Kickstarter Campaign
Cardsmiths Launches Kickstarter to fund Bob Ross Trading Card Series

Many of Bob’s most well-known works are depicted in Series 1. Cactus at Sunset, Seasonal Progression, and Aurora’s Dance are just a few of the featured works. Within a frame, each painting card shows a masterpiece. On the back of the painting cards, painting instructions and information about the artwork are listed to help fans recreate the artwork at home.

Bob Ross Trading Cards,Cardsmiths Announces,Kickstarter Campaign

In addition, the Bob Ross Series 1 Trading Cars set features tribute artwork from contemporary artists, cartoonists, and illustrators. High-quality artwork by contributors like Rachid Lotf, Matt Paganelis, Joe Simko, Jacqueline Florencio, and others truly reflects the various facets of Bob’s personality and work.


Backers of a Kickstarter campaign can select from a number of supporter levels. Collector boxes containing packs of five randomly selected trading cards, limited-edition collectors cards, art prints, and other perks are available at various supporter levels. Toynk officially licensed Bob Ross merchandise will also be available to “add on” supporters. Cardsmiths will announce their stretch goals, which include additional cards and unique foil effects, once the campaign has received all of its funding.

Bob Ross Trading Cards,Cardsmiths Announces,Kickstarter Campaign


Sets of trading cards expertly crafted by collectors for collectors. Cardsmiths is shaking up the trading card market that has been around for more than 100 years by combining cutting-edge artwork, dynamic licensing, low print runs, and redemption programs that are unlike any other. They want to make opening each pack an experience and give each card a sense of significance.

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