Brandi Marsh

Christian artist Brandi Marsh released her new single, Change, on 2/22/23.

Brandi Marsh

Brandi Marsh

The U.S. Virgin Islands are where Christian singer-songwriter Brandi Marsh was born. Her first album, “Daring to Soar,” was released on iTunes in 2019 and is now available on all music streaming services as of 2023. The album provides hope and perseverance during trying times. When everything seemed out of control, her feature song, “Adonai,” was written as self-encouragement that God is in control.

Brandi Marsh

In 2020, her second album, “Vision,” was released. She acknowledges Christ as the source of her victories as she says goodbye to the past and shares her hopes for the future on this album. Her lead single, “Wait for You,” is a love song to her upcoming husband in which she declares her determination to wait for a godly man.

She released a brand-new single in 2022 titled “Person.” Since she is a doctor, this song is a call to social justice based on her own experiences with racism and sexism in the medical field. She will release a new single titled “Change” on February 22, 2023. She wrote this song as a response to the mental health crisis and random killings that have been taking place recently. She hopes that the mindset of the culture will change as a result of her songs for the benefit of humanity as a whole.

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