Million Dollar Mastermind Program,Personal Trainers,Fitness Industry

The Million Dollar Mastermind program created by Brian Mark is in perfect sync with PT Domination’s primary focus, which is to assist personal trainers in expanding their online businesses.

Personal Training Industry

With a single touch or click on their digital devices, people can now access any information they require thanks to the internet. Consequently, the majority attribute the worldwide dissemination of information to the internet.

As people have become more aware of how important it is to exercise regularly and eat well, the fitness industry has benefited especially from this improved information dissemination. It has also helped people realize that no one-size-fits-all workout plan works for everyone because everyone has different bodies and activity levels. As a result, the demand for individualized training plans to help people feel better and get in shape has benefited the personal training industry.

The fitness industry in Canada is worth more than $4 billion. Additionally, it maintains a compound annual growth rate of more than 8%. However, despite the fact that personal training is becoming more popular, the majority of personal trainers employ conventional approaches. They partner with gyms to offer their services and earn certifications. That’s where Brian Mark comes in. He disrupts the industry with his revolutionary approaches that give personal more freedom and control over their finances.

Million Dollar Mastermind Program,Personal Trainers,Fitness Industry
Brian Mark

Million Dollar Mastermind Program

Million Dollar Mastermind Program,Personal Trainers,Fitness Industry

Canada’s Brian Mark is an entrepreneur and fitness trainer. He started PT Domination and owns Iron Energy, one of Canada’s best gyms. In addition, the Change Lives, Make Money Podcast is hosted by him. The podcast has been recognized as the best show for online trainers.

In 2018, Brian Mark established PT Domination. Online fitness coaching company PT Domination teaches personal  how to train clients online. Additionally, it enables them to escape the nine-to-five rat race by assisting them in starting and expanding their online businesses. However, the goal of Brian’s most recent course, Million Dollar Mastermind Program, is to elevate personal trainers to new heights. The program is intended for high-performing personal who currently operate an online coaching business and earn between $10,000 and $30,000. The program aims to assist them in breaking through the glass ceiling and reaching six figures in earnings.

Brian Mark said  that most personal trainers think they’ve made it when their online coaching business makes five figures. However, when the bigger picture is taken into account, it will become clear that one is still only running a small business. As a result, he established the Million Dollar Mastermind  program to assist personal trainers in reaching their full potential. If you really want to get out of the 9-to-5 grind and become financially independent, this program is for you.

Eleven students have benefited from the program to the point where their monthly income exceeds $100,000.

Million Dollar Mastermind Program,Personal Trainers,Fitness Industry

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