Natisa Gogol,Has Released Wind Of Hope,Ukrainian Refugee

 Has Released Wind Of Hope, Natisa Gogol’s powerful song, is about holding on to strength and hope after feeling at home in Kyiv with her young son.

Has Released Wind Of Hope

Wind of Hope is Natisa Gogol’s triumphant new single and video, inspired by her terrifying experience of fleeing her home in Kyiv with her young son. Gogol is a pop singer-songwriter and refugee from Ukraine. She sends a powerful message about staying strong and hopeful even in the worst situations.

With its expansive vocals, lush string arrangements, and colorful shades of classically inspired landscapes, Wind of Hope is a brave pop ballad that reaches an anthemic, empathetic chorus.

Natisa Gogol,Has Released Wind Of Hope,Ukrainian Refugee
Natisa Gogol

Gregory Darling, a producer from Prague who was born in the United States, worked with Natisa to create a transformative and cathartic musical masterpiece that is sure to have an impact on listeners worldwide.

Natisa Gogol

In February 2023, Ukrainian-born singer and songwriter Natisa Gogo released her most recent single. Natisa wrote the song “Wind Of Hope” after fleeing from Ukraine to Prague earlier this year and having to give up everything she loved.

The music in Wind Of Hope is heartbreaking and features a mellifluous, fragile voice that is so perfectly poised and positioned that it could claim land rights of its own. It was produced by Gregory Darling, a Czech-born US-born songwriter and musician. Darling’s most recent co-write, “Lucky,” with Julian Lennon and Gregg Alexander (New Radicals), spent two months in the Top 40 of the love.

Natisa, who was born in Dnipro, Ukraine, in 1988, attended the Kyiv Municipal Academy of Performing and Circus Arts before becoming a soloist for the state academic orchestra after graduating. She collaborated with DJ Shiller and the disco/funk vocal supergroup Boney M from the 1970s, which is still huge in Ukraine.

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