Thunder Falls

Neil Perry Gordon Releases Thunder Falls – The Education Of Leopold Red Wolf, Leopold Wolf’s transformation into an outspoken advocate for Native American rights in the late 1800s is chronicled 

Thunder Falls

Thunder Falls
Thunder Falls

Leo and his father, Isaac, work at the Carlisle Indian School, which is known for its harshness and is run by the motto “kill the Indian, save the man.” Leo sees the abuse, neglect, and victimization of the children there and decides to help them get the respect that their culture deserves.

Thunder Falls

Leo’s quest takes him into Lakota territory, where the elder and holy man Black Elk has a vision in which he sees Leo returning the Sacred Pipe that the tribe had stolen many years ago. Leo learns a lot about the Lakota and himself through his journey into and beneath the Black Hills.

Leo meets Thunder Falls, the Soul Tree, and the red wolf in the Black Hills’ caverns, all of which lead him to his destiny. Leo travels the country with Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show and ultimately puts his life at risk for the people he has come to care for while also pursuing the eternal love of Sarah Cameron, the niece of a senator who was known for his hostility toward the Lakota, and fighting for Native American rights.

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