Peaceful Sleep Journeys™

A new collection of ASMR meditations, lullabies, music, and sounds for deep and peaceful sleep are now available in Peaceful Sleep Journeys™ app.

Peaceful Sleep Journeys™

Peaceful Sleep Journeys™
Peaceful Sleep Journeys™

A new collection of hundreds of ASMR meditations and lullabies in audio and video formats, as well as music and sounds, will now be available in Peaceful Sleep Journeys™, a mobile application that provides ASMR meditations, lullabies, music, and sounds that encourage deep and peaceful sleep. designed to assist individuals in quickly falling into a deep, peaceful state.

Recording artist Margo Joy, the creator of Peaceful Sleep Journeys™, wrote, recorded, and produced the new ASMR meditations and lullabies to provide app users with a series of calming, healing, and relaxing video meditations and music pieces. Listeners are successfully led to a place of inner peace and tranquility by this content, alleviating the daily stress, anxiety, and insomnia that many people experience. The app helps people all over the world find their Zen, which helps them relax the most and find a way to motivate their thoughts and views of life.

Peaceful Sleep Journeys™ has received praise for its ability to successfully guide adults, children, babies, and pets into a state of calm, allowing them to achieve inner peace, reduce stress, and enjoy deep, peaceful, and uninterrupted sleep.

Margo Joy

Peaceful Sleep Journeys™
Peaceful Sleep Journeys™

Peaceful Sleep Journeys™ was created by Margo Joy, who has also served as a synagogue cantor and a licensed minister for more than 25 years. She provides full-time counseling to others in all aspects of life, including grief, relationships, careers, and health issues like pain, stress, anxiety, and depression, through her ministry.

The Peaceful Sleep Journeys™ app, which assists individuals in achieving healing, calm, and relaxation, features Joy's knowledge and healing energy. Margo Joy is a recording artist who is also an author and the creator of the Lucky Ladybug® children's book series. She also owns Ave Maria Records™, which is the home of her special project series, Prayers of the Testaments™, and the new Margo Joy albums.

"Listen to your favorite ASMR sleep meditations and lullabies on the app in Peaceful Sleep Journeys™,” said Margo Joy. “Each recording features a soothing and soulful voice for original ASMR meditations and lullabies. The app is filled with music and sounds that calm the mind, body, and spirit, helping anyone heal and find comfort in their place of peace within."

Peaceful Sleep Journeys™

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Download the Peaceful Sleep Journeys™ app from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store today for a three-day free trial, and then $5.99 per month or $59.99 per year.


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