Pearl Remote Democratic High School,Neurodiverse Students

The Pearl Remote Democratic High School has announced the launch of a new course called Introduction To AI. This course promises to provide neurodiverse high school students with an exciting and immersive experience.

The Pearl Remote Democratic High School

The Pearl Remote Democratic High School is a cutting-edge remote democratic high school in Seattle, Washington, that serves students from all over the world who are neurodiverse. Over sixty percent of the school’s current students identify as neurodivergent. All classes at The Pearl are limited to ten students and open to English-speaking high school students from around the world. To meet graduation requirements, students, teachers, and parents collaborate to create individual educational plans.

Through democratic and student-centered classrooms, the team at The Pearl, led by scholar, researcher, and thought leader Dr. Robin Harwick, makes learning enjoyable and effective. Every aspect of a student’s education, including what and how they learn, is up to them.

By embracing artificial intelligence (AI), which many educational establishments intend to ban, The Pearl High School is paving the way for a true 21st-century education. Dr. Harwick shared that they recognize how it can support neurodiverse students and eliminate barriers for them in education, despite the fact that many schools want to ban AI.

Pearl Remote Democratic High School,Neurodiverse Students

Introduction To AI Neurodiverse Students

In Spring 2023, The Pearl will offer an Introduction to AI course, a significant milestone for educators and students alike. The Pearl Remote Democratic High School is one of the first of its kind to use AI as an assistive technology for neurodiverse students, introducing this new course.

In traditional educational settings, neurodiverse students typically struggle, particularly when teachers and other students do not comprehend their requirements. By providing a structure that gives neurodiverse students opportunities to become more autonomous and acquire strategies to help them reach their potential, The Pearl provides them with a means of overcoming academic obstacles. Dr. Harwick stated that the way his school teaches has caught the attention of teachers all over the world who want to make their classrooms more inclusive and accessible for children with different learning styles and needs.

Pearl Remote Democratic High School,Neurodiverse Students

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