Pre-Order,Dead Alley

We are pleased to announce the Dead Alley : A Motley Education Book 2 Pre-Order Sale with Ellysian Press and S.A. Larsen.

Pre-Order Dead Alley: A Motley Education

Pre-Order,Dead Alley
Dead Alley

Will Fleishman and Ebony Charmed, both sixth-graders, are receiving spirit training until they die. Their reward for rescuing Motley Junior High School from a blazing serpent is that. More assignments.

Pre-Order,Dead Alley

Despite this, they continued to secretly cast spells in an effort to locate the dark elf who had taken their friend Lance’s body. They couldn’t leave it up to the Motley authorities, for sure. Ebony’s mother lied to her and a fire giant kidnapped her father the last time she left things to adults (which she still believes is her fault).

They realize they are in over their heads when strange flower petals infect the ghost residents and undead crows invade the boneyard. Dead Alley, the boneyard’s forbidden area where the dead have begun to reappear, is where the clues point. The duo must discover a treatment when Lance’s spirit goes full-on mad. Before Lance is forever entangled there and the infected ghosts turn into zombies.

S.A. Larsen

Pre-Order,Dead Alley
S. A. Larsen

S.A. Larsen is an award-winning author who is also an advocate for children with speech apraxia and a Maine-iac hockey fan who has seen more hockey games than she can count. She also enjoys the bizarre and misunderstood, which may account for her preference for dipping plain chips in ketchup. Her favorite stories challenge the heart by pushing the boundaries of our world and releasing previously hidden emotions.

Pre-Order,Dead Alley

She wrote Motley Education: The URD Saga Book I (Ellysian Press, 2019; second edition), a middle-grade fantasy adventure and her debut young adult fantasy romance, Marked Beauty (Ellysian Press, 2017). She lives in the land of lobsters and snowy winters with her husband and four children when she is not chasing her characters around a cemetery or making fun of them with the wonders of young love.

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