Rich Chambers,I'm A Fool For Lovin' You,Releases Rock N' Roll Single

I’m A Fool For Lovin’ You, Rich Chambers‘ most recent song, has a lot of hooks, loud guitars, and a rock ‘n’ roll voice.

Rich Chambers

Rich Chambers is not particularly retro. He gives the impression of country, but he isn’t quite country. He is a mix of pop and modern rock in a small way. In a nutshell, he truly is a little bit of everything. He’s even a little bit bubble-gum pop (watching endless reruns of the Partridge Family as a child will do that to you). Rich Chambers is reimagined rock and roll.

Recently, who is from Vancouver, Canada, has been on a roll. It is abundantly clear that there is a market for his brand of Rock ‘n’ Roll, as evidenced by the fact that his Spotify discography includes more than 13 songs with combined streams exceeding 3 million, that all of his videos have received over one million views on YouTube, and that his Facebook and TikTok profiles have gained over 85,000 and 35,000 followers, respectively, in just the past six months.

I’m A Fool For Lovin’ You


Rich Chambers,I'm A Fool For Lovin' You,Releases Rock N' Roll Single
Rich Chambers

The guitar-driven rocker “I’m  Fool for Lovin’ You” from his most recent album is a catchy pop rock track that anyone can relate to. Who among us hasn’t fallen in love with someone they don’t love back and branded themselves fools for doing so?

Rich Chambers,I'm A Fool For Lovin' You,Releases Rock N' Roll Single

Chambers said that he had been singing this song for a long time. When he first wrote it, he didn’t give it much thought. But after years of it constantly bouncing around in his head with a force that rivals Disneyland’s “It’s a Small World,” he decided to record it and is now quite proud of this little ear nugget he has written.

And he ought to be proud of it. It is original, catchy, memorable, and packed with the kind of toe-tapping energy that genuine rock ‘n’ roll always seems to have.

See for yourself why Rich Chambers is rapidly gaining a significant following all over the world by listening to his brand-new single, “I’m  Fool for Lovin’ You.” Reimagined rock ‘n’ roll!

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