Scribble Warlock,Making Valentine’s

A Making Valentine’s Valentine’s Day NFT experience was created by Web3 agency metapep labs and Avalanche blockchain artist Scribble Warlock.

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The way people find and celebrate love is changing as singles and couples spend more and more of their lives online. Tinder and other dating apps changed the way singles met in web 2. Swipe Right” became so ingrained in everyday speech that even people who haven’t used the app know what it means. However, as we enter the web3 era, can we anticipate Cupid to fly sufficiently quickly to keep up with current technology?

Scribble Warlock,Making Valentine’s
Heart Tarts

Even though songs like “Crypto Boy,” which went viral, portrayed NFT collectors as jerks who couldn’t get a date, people are still finding love and celebrating it every day in web3. NFT artists, not APPs, are at the forefront of the development of new communities where individuals can meet, mingle, form friendships, and possibly even something more.

Scribble Warlock,Making Valentine’s

Heart Tarts

The well-known and talented Scribble Warlock is one such artist. He has created a whole universe called the CHROMASPHERE for people to explore. Heart Tarts, Scribble’s most recent collection, is no exception to his unique ability to illustrate stories.

Heart Tarts are unhinged, exaggerated, and alien-looking Valentines for the contemporary web3 user. Scribble has created a lore that closely integrates these characters into the CHROMASPHERE that has made Scribble Warlock so popular, staying true to his style and ability as a storyteller.

According to Scribble Warlock, Heart Tarts are living heart candies that spend their days smooching, flirting, cuddling, and engaging in any other unspoken activity that comes to mind. They don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day just once a year. It is a lifestyle. We might be able to pick up some valuable lessons from these little devils and show our Valentine love as often as possible.

Scribble Warlock is launching a week-long Valentine’s-themed NFT game on the Avalanche Blockchain in conjunction with metapep labs, a company that provides web3 services like smart contract development for NFT mints, web3 games, and more.

Scribble Warlock

Scribble Warlock,Making Valentine’s
Heart Tarts by Scribble Warlock

This is the third iteration of metapep labs’ NFT Battle Royale, which incorporates a live leaderboard to gamify the process of acquiring AVAX NFTs. Metapep Labs was featured in the gaming section of Ava Labs’ Snow Report last month due to the success of their NFT Battle Royale. Collectors vie for NFT Treats in this version of the game with Scribble Warlock. After a week, the top holders of each treat will receive NFT prizes from the Metapep Labs NFT Treasury and Scribble Warlock’s Mind Matter and Icons collections. Throughout the week, participants will receive additional airdrops and prizes.

Scribble Warlock,Making Valentine’s

Chris Fusillo, one of metapep labs’ co-founders, shared that the company is thrilled to collaborate with Scribble Warlock on this original and entertaining Valentine’s Day collection. In a distinctive Scribble’s style, the Heart Tarts collection is a perfect blend of imagination and humor.

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The Heart Tarts collection will be minted on February 13th at 10PM ET / 7PM PT during metapep labs’ Twitter space, #MicroMintMonday. Follow Scribble Warlock (@ScribbleWarl0ck) and metapep labs (@metapeplabs) on social media for updates and more information.

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