Shamanic Journey

North – A Shamanic Journey

North – A Shamanic Journey is a wonderful read that celebrates the soul’s reality and unconditional love. The story opens up other dimensions that are waiting for the curious seeker to discover.

There are a lot of fantasy stories, but few authors match them with language that not only touches the core of the reader but also resonates with a powerful part of the soul. Words play a profound and poetic role in this story. They are picked deliberately and with care to bring back memories of the real being.

The book takes a lighthearted journey into inner worlds and unexpectedly opens doors to unconscious or long-forgotten aspects of the Self.

Shamanic Journey
North A Shamanic Journey

A shaman whose path to happiness requires him to cross conventional boundaries. a seeress who answers the Unknown’s call. Despite their vast differences, they nevertheless meet. Life demands great trials from the New before they can be born. The lovers’ selfless and devoted sacrifice is what will save them….

Shamanic Journey

V. Yve P. Roman

Yve has traveled between worlds but has always been in love with Earth. She decided early on to use her talents professionally, despite the fact that she was extremely empathic and gifted with psychic abilities as a child. She received instruction in spiritual healing and depth psychology.

Yve writes from the heart and for the heart in her books. She deliberately uses language and words to remind readers of their spiritual roots, past, and future, as well as who they truly are.

Yve has been an awareness coach and spirit healer for more than 20 years. She helps people reconnect with their souls and leads people back to their true selves.

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North – A Shamanic Journey
ISBN: 979-8849714073
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