cryptocurrency payments,Receive Payments,Slash web3,cryptocurrency can

With Slash Web3 Payments, holders of cryptocurrency can, Cryptocurrency Payments  pay with nearly any token they want, so long as those tokens have enough liquidity.

Slash Web3 Payments

cryptocurrency payments,Receive Payments,Slash web3,cryptocurrency can

Slash Fintech Ltd. delivered Slash web3 payments last August in the year 2022, trying to work on the present status of decentralized crypto installments overall by giving consistent settlements and a complex UX for the installments stream.

Slash Web3 Payments makes it possible for people who own cryptocurrencies to pay for the things they buy every day directly using almost any token they want, as long as those tokens have enough liquidity. This means that merchants or shops no longer have to accept only a limited number of cryptocurrencies and tokens as payment in their online or offline stores.

More tokens can be supported by the Slash initiative than many of the alternatives to crypto payments currently on the market. Slash Web3 Payments is constantly expanding to support more than 1400 tokens from at least six distinct protocols. The fact that Slash does not charge their merchants any transaction or installation fees is yet another significant distinction. Instead, a portion of the slippage is taken into account.


Payers can, for instance, use any USDC tokens they already have in their wallets to pay for a transaction in USDC. They can pick from one of their own tokens, like, say, MATIC. Slash will perform the conversion automatically after comparing and selecting the best on-time rate from decentralized exchanges.

cryptocurrency payments,Receive Payments,Slash web3,cryptocurrency can
Slash QR Payment

A Metamask wallet or one of the Walletconnect-supported alternatives is required. Payers will be able to see the amount after clicking the generated payment link or scanning the QR code. They will also be able to select the currency they want to pay with from their own tokens.

Slash Startup

Slash is working hard to get more customers and partners, mostly in Japan, but also in other parts of the world like: Asia, Africa, the United States, Canada, and the European Union. Slash is currently targeting restaurants, luxury, multi-payments providers, retail & e-commerce (fashion, travel), and other industries.

MZWeb3Fund and a number of private investors participated in the startup’s seed funding round, which brought in 1.5 million dollars. Slash’s efforts to become a global leader in cryptocurrency payments will be aided by the Series A it is currently raising.

Please get in touch with the team directly at discordif you have any questions, comments, or requests for collaboration with Slash.

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