Smart TP,Toilet Paper Dispenser

The Smart TP device, the first-ever touch-free toilet paper dispenser, is the ideal addition to your bathroom.

Smart TP

Smart TP,Toilet Paper Dispenser
Smart TP

The world’s first touchless has been introduced by Smart TP, a company dedicated to improving hygienic, clean, and sustainable toilet experiences. The device controls delivery while maintaining a healthy lifestyle with tried-and-true technology.

Smart TP,Toilet Paper Dispenser

The is an organization focused on making toilet encounters more sterile, clean, and manageable. The company created the first touchless paper dispenser in history.

The dispenser is the ideal addition to any toilet because it can be set to deliver paper for any length of time and is activated with just a hand wave. In addition, the dispenser has a drawer for storing important items, a nightlight for nighttime visibility, a phone slot on the top, a flat surface on which to place important items, and an LED light indicator that tells you when TP is dispensing or out of stock.

Smart TP,Toilet Paper Dispenser
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Toilet Hygiene

Smart TP,Toilet Paper Dispenser

The dispenser of useful for individuals concerned about toilet hygiene, paper waste, nerve disorders, and shaky hands. The can be used in both private and public restrooms. Additionally, potty training can be fun and simple for both parents and young children. Additionally, hospitals, hotels, nursing homes, restaurants, and any other public restrooms with a lot of foot traffic can benefit from Smart. TP.

The is simple to use, refillable, and reusable. By reducing water flushes by 25% and toilet paper waste by 50%, the company is taking a significant step toward a future with lower carbon emissions.

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Reserve yours today for a $1 VIP price on Kickstarter.

The dispenser will start at $89.99 instead of $149.99.

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