Spring Celebration Update,Mobile Turn-Based RPG Eroica,FourThirtyThree Inc,Announced

Publisher of mobile games, 4:33 (FourThirtyThree). Inc.), announced that the popular Mobile Turn-Based RPG Eroica  will continue to receive the Spring Celebration update.

Mobile Turn-Based RPG Eroica

With ths Spring Celebration update, ‘Eroica’ dispatches the new update ‘Consistently Contact Sakura,’ permitting swashbucklers to gather Sakura leaves by playing the game and acquire different in-game prizes by how much Sakura leaves gathered. Through the brand-new daily season check-in board titled “Spring Celebration Season Attendance,” adventurers can also acquire elemental hearts, miracle skill books, and other items by entering Turn-Based RPG Eroica on a daily basis. When entering consecutively, adventurers can also acquire wing botos.

Spring Celebration Update,Mobile Turn-Based RPG Eroica,FourThirtyThree Inc,Announced
Eroica Spring Celebration

During the Pick-Up period, a new 3-star hero named Amil (Grass/Mage) will also be available. This gives adventurers a good chance of summoning Amil. The Mileage shop is where you can get your hands on Amil’s exclusive Pre-Core. Additionally, the rerun Pick-Up summon will feature the well-known three-star hero Beach Flower Xenia (Light, Mage).

Spring Celebration Update,Mobile Turn-Based RPG Eroica,FourThirtyThree Inc,Announced

Spring Celebration Update

In this Spring Celebration, a new content feature called the Guild system will be updated. Through the Guild System, players can play the game with other players and participate in a variety of guild activities besides just making new friends.

Eroica is going ahead with an Art Contest that will award $1500 in prizes to raise the stakes. The details can be found on the official Eroica Facebook page and in the game’s announcement.

“Eroica” is a captivating mobile turn-based fantasy and science fiction RPG. Over fifty enticing characters populate the game, which tells the story of a high school student summoned to the Isekai world.

FourThirtyThree Inc

“Eroica” is a unique and original video game developed by Funter Studio of FourThirtyThree Inc, the well-known RPG development studio behind “Epic Chronicle” and “Epic Hearts.” It features colorful animation, engaging storylines, adventure puzzles in a variety of fields, strategic combat systems, and classic and retro sensibilities.

Find Eroica now:

The app “Eroica” can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play.

Eroica Official Facebook: https://facebook.com/eroicaglobal
Eroica Download Link: https://app.adjust.com/yo3emvs
Eroica Official Youtube: Eroica – YouTube
Fan Discord: https://discord.gg/DKHUFRbNuu

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