Steve Comisar

Steve Comisar, an actor and former con artist, is repaying his debts to make amends for his wrongdoing.

Steve Comisar

Steve Comisar began his career as an actor as a young child in Beverly Hills, California. Jodie Foster and Helen Hunt, as well as his mother, would accompany him to auditions. Soon, Comisar would have roles in movies, commercials, and television shows. Comisar became an expert actor after studying method acting with Lee Strasberg in New York.

Steve Comisar
Steve Comisar

Comisar was told by everyone that he was a natural and to wait for success. Comisar was impatient, so rather than waiting for Steven Spielberg to call him, he used his acting skills to defraud wealthy investors of millions of dollars.

Steve Comisar

Comisar tried to return to acting after being released from prison in 2017 for fraud, but Hollywood turned him down. Nobody seemed interested in hiring a criminal who had just been released from federal prison. Therefore, Comisar did what every smart person does. He veered off course and decided to try something brand new. As a result, Steve Comisar would be making amends for his wrongdoings by giving back to the community while Helen Hunt and Jodie Foster appeared in films and won Oscars.

Giving Back

Comisar sent a family of four to see The Lion King from the second row of the famous Hollywood Pantages theater on Saturday, February 4, 2023. The family receives backstage access as part of the VIP package, which is worth more than $500, where they can meet the cast and receive a VIP gift bag filled with Disney merchandise.

Comisar initially contacted the Make-A-Wish foundation, but they declined tickets to the theater. They only wanted cash donations or WWE superstars who wanted to travel across the country to meet sick children. Therefore, Comisar personally selected the financially strained four-person family and sent them VIP tickets for the second row. The entire family wept after the show because they were so happy and appreciative of a complete stranger’s kindness and generosity.

The Lion King is the most successful and longest-running Broadway production ever. A Disney spokesperson stated that this family shared a happy memory that they will cherish for the rest of their lives because of Mr. Comisar’s generosity. What a great way to help others. Everyone at Disney hopes Comisar will continue his efforts, and they are all proud of what he is doing.

Comisar is currently working on cashing in his 2.6 million Marriott Hotel points over the course of his lifetime in exchange for close to 300 $25 Starbucks gift certificates. These will be distributed to the homeless in Comisar’s childhood neighborhood. When was the last time a homeless person had a nice, hot cup of Starbucks coffee, asked Comisar. Someone who has nothing more than his clothes in his back knows how much this small act means to them.

Future Career

Among the Hollywood A-listers who went to prison and emerged even more successful than before are Christian Slater, Mark Wahlberg, Robert Downey Jr., Wesley Snipes, Tim Allen, Martha Stewart, and Mark Wahlberg. Steve Comisar is capable of doing the same thing. After all, Hollywood is the magical land where stars are made overnight and dreams come true. Steve Comisar is still on the road to retribution if you’re looking for him in the interim.

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