The Shattered Vase,By Gracie Lynne

Gracie Lynne looks at how one woman got through her husband’s infidelity, their subsequent divorce, and raising three children by herself in The Shattered Vase.

The Shattered Vase

The Shattered Vase,By Gracie Lynne
A compelling story of divorce and trauma, spiritual warfare and how to win at life.

How is it possible for a single woman to overcome an army of evil forces, including betrayal, deceit, bitterness, envy, despair, condemnation, arrogance, adultery, fear, rejection, doubt, and insecurity, and emerge victorious enough to fulfill her destiny?

Christian fiction author Gracie Lynne tells the story of Susie, a soon-to-be single mother, in her award-winning book The Shattered Vase. Susie’s idyllic life is shattered when her husband marries another woman. Susie is on the verge of suicide with three children, a small country home, and no job—just where the forces of evil want her to be.

The Shattered Vase,By Gracie Lynne

But Susie isn’t fighting alone. Susie’s destiny is made clear as she gets closer to God’s wisdom and is embraced by Mercy, Hope, Faith, Joy, and Grace with compassion.

The Shattered Vase is a gripping account of divorce and trauma, spiritual warfare, and life’s lessons for success. “Something we can all relate to,” “packed with wisdom from the friends that help the character process through the battles,” and “insightful, cleverly written” are some of the praises that have been offered by reviewers for it.

By Gracie Lynne

Some people, according to By Gracie Lynne, believe that spiritual warfare is only about angels and demons; however, she inquires, “What if it is more than that?” What if it was about how you live your life?

Gracie Lynne was not born a writer; Adversity is what gave her the ability to write. The Shattered Vase is her introduction novel and got a Firebird Book Grant, and was named for best Christian Fiction by the Christian Scholarly Honors.

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