The Shear Insights Podcast,Launched By Desert Botanicals

The Shear Insights Podcast™, produced by Desert Botanicals®, is a podcast that aims to connect hair stylists, salon owners, and customers.

The Shear Insights Podcast™

The Shear Insights Podcast,Launched By Desert Botanicals
The Shear Insights Podcast

The Shear Insights Podcast™ was launched by Desert Botanicals® with the intention of bringing together customers, hair stylists, salon owners, and other hair care professionals.

The Shear Insights Podcast,Launched By Desert Botanicals

The background of hair stylists, how they became interested in the industry, the difficulties they faced when starting out and how they overcame them, marketing strategies used to successfully promote their business, and how to provide a winning customer experience are the primary topics covered in this podcast.

Desert Botanicals President John Ritchie is thrilled to launch their podcast. The backgrounds of hair stylists and salon owners are varied and fascinating. After speaking with a lot of them, they realized that they all have distinct skills and experiences and decided to start a podcast. Whether you’re just starting out as a hair stylist or an experienced pro, listening to the podcast will help you learn new things and sharpen your skills. In addition, it will appeal to anyone who enjoys listening to fascinating personal journeys.

The compelling life stories and business challenges of hair stylists can be heard on the Shear Insights Podcast™. The Shear Insights Podcast is for both hair care professionals and their customers. It provides helpful advice on how to deal with difficult situations and teaches hair artists how to successfully balance their work and personal lives.

The Shear Insights Podcast,Launched By Desert Botanicals
John Ritchie interviewing Candice Cooper, owner of Elm Hair Studio in Tempe, AZ

Elm Hair Studio

The Shear Insights Podcast,Launched By Desert Botanicals

Shear Insight’s first podcast guest is Candice Cooper of Elm Hair Studio located in Tempe, Arizona. Coming from a family of hair stylists that goes back three generations, Candice began acting at a young age, a profession which she pursued through her mid-twenties. Later she decided to switch professions and train at the famous ARROJO cosmetology school in New York City.

Candice Cooper stated that she was overjoyed when Desert Botanicals asked her to be their first guest on the Shear Insights Podcast. She adores the concept of bringing real members of the hair care community together to discuss their experiences and lessons learned in life. She stated that it was a pleasure for her to discuss the challenges I faced in starting a successful independent salon. She is hopeful that offering some pointers to those just starting out in the business will help. Doing so is not easy.

Candice Cooper established Elm Hair Studio in Tempe, Arizona, in the year 2020. The works of English botanist, herbalist, physician, and astrologer Nicholas Culpepper, who lived in the 17th century, served as inspiration for both the studio’s name and its philosophy. A holistic approach to the salon experience is Candice’s goal.

Desert Botanicals

Desert Botanicals, which was founded in Arizona in 2019 by a Ph.D. chemist from the University of Southern California and a M.B.A. from the University of Chicago, is committed to the development of high-quality and effective hair care products in a socially responsible manner. Desert Botanicals is a pioneer in reshaping the hair care industry by showcasing the remarkable properties of botanicals found in the Sonoran Desert and other similar regions.

The Mission Statement of Desert Botanicals includes the following three key points:

  • To balance nature, nutrition, and technology to make the best hair care products.
  • To use ingredients that reflect Arizona’s spirit and the Sonoran Desert
  • To assist our community in need

We are committed to developing and manufacturing our products in a way that is good for society. Because of this, everything we do is free of cruelty, free of parabens, recyclable, and good for our community.

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