Wealth Creation

The Wealth Creation Myth by Edward Moldava, published by E&R Publishers in New York, has risen to the top of Amazon’s financial services category this week.

The Wealth Creation Myth

The Wealth Creation Myth, what they know and you don’t, has surpassed bestseller lists held by Robert Kiyosaki, Warren Buffet, Stephen Covey, and other industry titans to become Amazon’s number one best seller.

Wealth Creation
Edward Moldaver

The book, which debuted with the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange in October of last year, is now available in audiobook, hardcover, paperback, and e-book formats. Ed’s straightforward explanation of the top-down and bottom-up workings of the investing industry in The Wealth Creation Myth has captivated readers.

Wealth Creation

The ninety and growing number of five-star reviews served as evidence that readers were satisfied with Ed’s powerful book on meaningful wealth creation and preservation and helped ensure that potential customers were making prudent investments.

To demonstrate how to classify the numerous advisors in the wealth management industry and the approaches they take to the market, the author employs a framework he calls “The Fluff, the Bark, and the Bite.” Ed clearly uses “The Bite” as his method; activities that help his clients increase and maintain their wealth. With over $100 billion under management, Ed and his team are housed in one of the century’s most storied offices.

Edward Moldaver’s The Wealth Creation Myth. What they know that you don’t—A must-read if you care at all about financial security.

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