Well You Know Your Mum,WonderDays,What Mothers Want

Well You Know Your Mum, This Mother’s Day, UK experience day company, WonderDays, wants to assist everyone in selecting the items that mom really wants.

How Well You Know Your Mum?

“How Well  You Know Your Mum?” is jam-packed with interesting facts and useful advice. is a brand-new infographic produced by Wonder Days that provides ideas and inspiration for Mother’s Day 2023.

Bronwen Jones, manager of digital marketing for the company, stated that it is the ideal guide for determining what mom really wants for Mother’s Day this year.

According to Bronwen Jones, the best place to start when selecting the ideal Mother’s Day present for your mother is undoubtedly by learning about her hobbies and interests. However, a survey conducted by OnePoll found that 45% of respondents were unaware of their mother’s favorite food, 37% of respondents were unaware of her favorite song, 45% of respondents were unaware of her favorite flower, and 28% were unaware of her preferred vacation destination.

Well You Know Your Mum,WonderDays,What Mothers Want
What Mums Really Want

The most commonly misunderstood aspects of their mother’s life included her childhood pastimes, her dream job, and her pets. However, seventy percent of us wanted to learn even more about their mother’s life, and ninety percent of us believed we knew her well. The majority of people did know additional details about mom, such as her hometown, school, ancestry, first job, and location.

Well You Know Your Mum,WonderDays,What Mothers Want

What Mothers Want

The outcomes of another YouGov poll on exactly what mothers want for Mother’s Day are also included in the infographic.

The Wonder Days team did not find it surprising that mothers preferred simple cards and quality time with their children to anything else.

Bronwen pointed out that the majority of mothers want to spend time with their families this Mother’s Day, even though flowers came in second place, followed by a meal and jewelry. Being able to spend time with our children and even our grandchildren is one of the little things that makes us feel the most loved as mothers.

Also, if you want to make the most of your time together, there is a Mother’s Day gift experience for every kind of mother. According to some research, almost 80% of mothers would rather receive an experience or a fun activity for Mother’s Day than a tangible gift.

Well You Know Your Mum,WonderDays,What Mothers Want


Check out “How Well Do You Know Your Mum?” in its entirety. on the Wonder Days website, you can find an infographic and additional ideas for Mother’s Day gifts.

Wonder Days is a gift experience company that went public at the beginning of 2022. It claims to provide a gift buying service that is more adaptable, customizable, and user-friendly than any other.

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